Grandwood Park District Build 2013
 July 20th 2013
(We helped the Grandwood park district build a shelter that replaces the one that was burned to the ground last year.)
 Helping build a port-o-potty surround...

 Laying out the main supports...


Finished product...all done.

Lake County VS. Lake Forest
(All Pictures Courtesy Of:  Jennifer Dunn)

The Chase is on.

He still got him. 

Crouch! Touch! Set! 



And he's off...


Kicking for touch. 


 Passing it out.



 Stiff arm...enjoy.

 Turning the corner.
 Skiing time.


 No look pass...brilliant.


Stiff Arm! 

 Come on make that corner.

 Tossing them aside.

Off to the races.

Some guys got banged up but thats all part of the game.

Bring it in gents!


Lake County VS. Illiana Misfits
(All Pictures Courtesy Of:  Jennifer Dunn)

 Passing it off...

 And he's off...


 Kicking for points.


 Line out...

 Scrum down...crouch, touch, SET!

Stopping the opposition. 

 Kicking for touch...

 Challenging the line out...

 The hits keep coming...

 Getting some words from coach.


 A try leaving the dead in his wake.

 Scrum Down!

Up ended...


Spring 2013 Practice Pictures


 Talk time...

Bring it in...


Fall 2012 Practice Pictures

Running some unopposed simulated rugby. 

 Running...yeah we like to run.

Being coached by the coach...brilliant. 

Go team.