Without them we wouldn't exist...
Jesse Oaks


Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers

Rhino Rugby USA

Arcoa: Asset Recycling Company of America

Crossfit UXO

Thank you to all our sponsors...please support our sponsors!!!

If you are a local business and are looking to sponsor a local sports team please check our Contact Us page for contact information!!!

While every member pays seasonal dues we also strongly rely on our sponsors for their support.  Through the various sponsors we can achieve our financial goals which will let us focus on teamwork and dedication while incorporating community support.  Through the generous donations they provide the team with the following:

-Balls   -Jerseys   -Organization Dues   -League Dues   -Tournament Dues   -Training Equipment  -EMT Dues   -Medical Equipment   -Facility/Field Maintenance   -Field Paint   -Referee Dues   -Field Insurance   -Transportation   -Food   -Social Events (to which our sponsors are encouraged to attend - free food and drinks!)